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Dear god, let’s get this move done!! #busy #messy #home #house #moving

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Homegirl on a mission

Simply for the caption


..”Stay With Me”…

It’s my best friends 23rd so u made the effort, did my hair and we are having cocktails! I’ve had a crappy day so I need a good night! #shavedhair #girlswithtattoos #stripes #black #allblackeverything #girlswithpiercings #gothchic #selfie #greenhair #greeneyebrows #deardiary #recovery #depression #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #anxiety #friends #birthday #lashes #mua #motd #lotd #eotd #artist #makeup


'Sculpture emerging from the wall'  Graziano Locatelli

Where to start. Well, dan knows what’s going on. I’m so stupid! I had fasted for 19 hours or something, then binged on ice cream, a burger, smoothie, orange juice, crisps… Urgh. Told dan I was going for a shower and threw it up but it was so violent. It went everywhere, the floor, the toilet seat, the walls?!

I was a bit high at the time so I mopped it off the seat and floor but then just out the lid down, got a shower then went to lay down because I felt so weak. I completely forgot! So a few hours later dan found all my mess when he went to pee!

I was mortified and I couldn’t deny it even though I tried it was just s obvious! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so stupid.

Dan was so mad at me. So to make a point that I am fine we went out fir pizza and a beer, I managed half a small pizza then I was in the bathroom there too with my fingers down my throat! I stopped I only got a tiny bit up.

I kept it down because that’s too far I just have to suffer the consequences of weight gain. I’d put four in at first but today it’s only 1/2 a pound.

I sound like a but case. Dans at his first day of uni, I’m so happy for him. First time I’ve been on my own for a few months… Anxieties not too bad for now.

It’s also Simmis birthday she’s 23 today :) my lil nugget :) I hope we get nice and drunk together today! I need to take a break from my head, it’s a horrid place in there man haha.

I’m gonna go pack some more seeing as we move in two days. Pass the bong.

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